Ultimate Video Package


A phone or in-person session to create a story for your business
that engages your stakeholders or grows your market (incl. 3-hour session and copywriting).

The Ultimate Video Package consists of a 3-hour story-creation session for your business, plus the filming and delivery of a high-quality video for your website homepage of 2-3 minutes.

Why should I get this package?

Because your business is "calling out" for a better story — a story that I can help you find and tell through the power of video.

Why is storytelling important?

A values-based story about your business and a video built off that story leads to higher engagement from your prospects and customers, resulting in more business opportunities for you.

Where would I show this video?

This is a video for the homepage of your website. It's your premier video that tells the definitive story about your business  — in contrast to the videos you might create for your business for social media marketing.

What does this involve? 

It involves us meeting in-person or speaking by phone for your 3-hour story-creation session.

Following this, you will receive, within a week, a document that captures your definitive story, ready for you to use as talking points and as communication messages for your marketing channels to grow your influence.

After your story-creation session, we'll plan, film and edit a video, which will be ready for you 2-4 weeks after the video shoot has finished.

Who is involved?

Your story-creation session will be led by myself — Rohan Kay. For your video production, I manage some projects, but I also have several outstanding video producers on-hand to help you achieve your video vision.

You can see a recent sample of our work below, for client The Wine Loop.

Can I learn how to make my own videos? 

Yes! I train in video production skills, including what gear to get and what skills to learn. Get in touch now.

Shouldn't I just invest in a video? Why invest in a story as well? 

Because, in my experience, a business that invests in a video does so before it's truly found a business story that engages their audience. That's a missed opportunity and, I think, a waste of money. 

Getting your story right is worth it BEFORE you invest in a video — because your video will then become what it should always be thought of: a powerful tool to engaging critical stakeholders or prospective customers.

How much does this cost?

The story development cost is fixed at $1,000 + GST. Video production cost depends on what type of story you want to tell, and how much filming and video-editing is involved. I will work up an estimate that you can review before proceeding.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions? 

You can connect with me using the contact form below, or email me, or call me on 0406 331 022.

What do I do now?

If you're ready to get started, email me or call me on 0406 331 022.


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